A simple technique of doing Pranayama

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For various types of health conditions, Pranayama is one of the general suggestions which I give to the patients. But it is often seen that people do not have time to go to Yoga teacher and learn techniques (although this is highly recommended). It gives way to the simplified version of pranayama but please remember, this is the only alternative for pranayama from Yoga Guru.

Why is the need to simplify pranayama –

Regular Pranayama in Yoga is for the healthy people.

There are the imperatives of yoga-Yama, Rule and Asana. This means that regular pranayama will need to follow the restrictions of diet and mind and proper training in the asana. As Swami Vivekananda used to say, a fit body is a pre-requisite of a fit mind.

Breathing and crushing through a single nose is alternatively confusing for beginners.

If pranayama is more stressful when doing, then it causes the dizziness and difficulty in breathing.

How to do a simple pranayama?

Pranayama is a technique for filling the mind and body with fresh air and energy, preferably in the morning – morning, empty stomach or 15 minutes after tea / coffee. Therefore, it is the right time for the morning. After bathing, we feel fresh, then it connects the benefits of pranayama, it will be easy to clean the mind with fresh life (breath)

Pranayama Place: The place should be sufficient, with enough air and light. Better to keep windows open, if it is done in a closed room, it often causes the dizziness, fresh air is very important. The place should be noise-free.

Pranayam Posture- Sit on a mat on the floor, cross the feet and reach the spinal cord (back) and straight straight. The face is looking forward to people with knee problems, and who can not sit on the floor, a chair can be used

Eyes – The eyelids closed with eyes pointing to the nose, you must close the eyes with eyes pointing to the nose tip. In this way, when you close your eyes, eyes automatically focus on the center point of the eyes of two eyes.

Pranayama mentality – Do not bury any hurry fast enough, do not have any additional thoughts, if possible, remember your favorite deity. If you can not relax your mind, or if you are in haste, then it is better to leave the pranayama session for that day, rather than doing it in half-heart

Simple Pranayama technique –

Sit quietly for a minute, breathe deeply, breathe easily. During this one minute, think that you are going to become healthy, strong and strong to get the body and mind to get energy. Think that you want to get rid of all the impurities and breath of mind, and think that you are getting fresh and pure energy by breathing in the fresh life – breathing is full of life, strength, positiveness and energy. .

Once the eyes are closed and pointing towards the nose, stand back, relax the mind, start the pranayama, it has three steps.

Slow down slowly – take a deep breath (as deep as possible), very slowly and fast, quickly without The mind should think that you are taking the energy of God in your body.

Hold – Hold breath for as long as comfortable for comfort. During this time, think that life (energetic breath) that you have taken, is cleansing the whole body from the side of the brain towards the foot. Imagine that the wind is moving all over the body and purifying all the organs and brains.

Slow breathing slowly – breathe slowly. The inhaling duration should be longer than the inhaling period. While breathing, think that all the impurities of your body and mind have been purified, now they get out of the body.

Repeat the same phase for 1 to 3 to three times ten times on the basis of your convenience.

After pranayama, you have to sit in one place for at least five minutes. During the time, prayer can be done

What should be the period of this simplified pranayama?

No more than two minutes

Is there any such rule that it should be done daily?

It is better to do it every day, it is okay, if it is remembered for a few days .. or when the mind is very much, or when you are very busy

Are there any side effects? Who should not do it?

If one feels a temporary feeling of difficulty or breathing or a temporary sense of perspiration or darkness, then it has to be stopped. Go to one place with many winds, bend and breathe easy. Do not try to do it again

It is not suitable for pregnant women or children under 12 years of age.

This asthma is not suitable for people with respiratory problems like chronic cough.

It is not suitable for those with serious diseases like heart conditions, cancer etc.

Compared to following this method, a qualified yoga teacher is highly recommended to know Pranayama

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