Precautions to be taken during Rainy Season: Don’t Miss These Safety Tips

Precautions to be taken during Rainy Season
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Rain provides relief from the heat of the summer season. However, the monsoon also brings along some unhealthy diseases. Coughs, fever, and infections are common in the rain but we can take some tips and caution as mentioned below during monsoon to avoid getting sick.

healthy diet

  • Follow a healthy diet: During the monsoon, your body is prone to infections. Most diseases in the rainy season are waterborne and drinking filtered or boiled water is essential. Avoiding raw foods like salads is also beneficial to stay healthy in this season. Take in a lot of vitamin c as they boost your immunity and also intake more of hot or warm herbal teas since they contain antibacterial properties.

If you are particularly a non-veg lover you have to be a little careful on the intake of food. Prefer light meals like stews and soups rather than heavy non-veg dishes. If possible eat more of vegetables and salads that are prepared at home and that is thoroughly cooked, plus avoid roadside eateries for water and raw vegetables are not hygienic during this season.

  • Avoid eating street foods: Eating street food is one of the biggest causes of various diseases in the monsoon. Outside foods are prepared in unhygienic conditions and are prone to various infestations. It is recommended you consume hot home-prepared food to stay healthy.
  • Wear good quality footwear: One of the most important precautions to be taken during the rainy season is to ensure that you are wearing footwear that does not slip easily, or you may fall and injure yourself.
  • Carry your rain gear: The most important thing to carry in this season is your rain gear. Avoid getting wet and walking on dirty water as they are susceptible to bacterial and viral infections. A hooded jacket and waterproof shoes are the best items that are necessary for this season. 

Shower after being caught in the rain because they help you to get rid of all the germs and infections that you might have picked up on your way home and it also helps to keep us away from catching flu.


  • Keep mosquitoes out: Stagnant water results in mosquito breeding. It is important to ensure you keep them out. Maintain cleanliness at home to avoid mosquitoes. Moreover, you must regularly clean flower pots and check the corners to ensure there is no water accumulation. In addition, use mosquito repellent to avoid diseases.



  • Having a headache, dry skin and feeling hungry often?: These are the symptoms of dehydration and they are simply telling you to drink enough water. We normally don’t drink sufficient water during the rainy season. To keep diseases at bay one must make sure to drink adequate water in spite of your activity levels. Drinking preferably boiled or hot water helps you with digestion and also helps you drain toxins from your body.

Avoid wet walls as they are the breeding ground for fungus and mosquitoes and it can cause allergies and infections. Hence it is advisable to stay away from wet walls.

Even after adhering to the rainy season safety tips, you might fall sick. It is crucial you do not ignore your symptoms and consult a doctor immediately as soon as you feel unwell.

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